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You tired of going to the ballad and do you really want to meet someone in a practical and objective way? Do you usually travel to other places and do not know how to meet the gays of the city? So my friend, technology is in your favor!

Run for the virtual buatchy!

That’s right, a party you do not need to pack up to, and you do not have to move or spend money. Yes, I’m talking about the famous flirting apps, which find the potential halves close to you, wherever you are.

Certainly, or probably, you’ve heard of Tinder, which are the most used here in Brazil. However, there are several other options: Scruff, Manhunt, Bender and many others. Some are even targeted at specific types of gay men. This is the case, for example, u4Bear, exclusive app for men who are or look for the “bear” type.

Undoubtedly, they are the easiest, fastest and most effective way to meet other gays. The only difficulty will be finding someone who wants a serious relationship. In fact, most of those who are there look only for sex. Let’s have a look in Gay Tinder Sex Date now.

Enjoy to read:

Some matters are quite right to the point: “what do you like?”, “Here or there?”. But, like everything else in the gay world, this is not the rule. There is a minority willing to meet someone cool for something more special. The secret lies in how you will conduct the conversation.

So here are some do’s tips to do well in relationship apps:

  1. Don’t start the chat with a “hi”

You never know what to say and you just give him an unpretentious “hello” in his little window?

It sounds bullshit, but a simple “hi” may be what is making you be ignored by many boys in the virtual buatchy. This is because the vast majority approach in the same way and ends up highlighting those that leave a little of the rule.

Our recommendation?

Instead of the basic “hi” ask some question or some nice comment. The important thing is to get away from the clichés approach of all.

  1. Do not use random shots

Landscapes and animals can be cute, but nobody wants to go out with one of them. In addition, gays without a face picture usually have something to hide: either they are ugly, or they do not want to be discovered.

Do not abuse your anonymity! Profiles without photos and without description are totally fail. If you really want to have a nice chat with someone, you need to give some clues as to who they are. Not even the most desperate of the boys wants to talk to a ghost, believe me.

  1. Do not lie in the description

If you have 1.60m, how will you meet someone who thinks you have 1.85m?

The same goes for weight. Do not do it thin if you have a few extra pounds.

  1. Do not settle for just one photo

Remember, a picture with an apparent face is better than several photos with a cap and sunglasses. Also, everyone chooses their best photo to profile. It is always good to make sure that the little face and corpitcho remain the same in the others.

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