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Perfection in Sex Toys Now for You

You can heat a sex toy with ordinary water. The device is immersed in hot water for several minutes. It takes this temperature, and then it can be used. It is important not to use boiling water. And before the introduction, touch the anal stimulator of the wrist. It should not be too hot. Anus is a gentle place, and it is important not to injure him.

Cooling of the anal plugs occurs in a similar way, but put the toy in ice water or in the refrigerator. Do not need to freeze the object, just leave it for 20 minutes on the door.  Another option for changing temperatures is to moisten the towel with hot or cold water, and then wrap the anal sleeve in it. She, too, will change her temperature. The use of the Adult Sex Toys happens to be quite importantly.

With these games you need to focus on the sensations. Cold or heat can like and cause excitement, but can, on the contrary, reduce it. It is possible to find out this only on personal experience.

How to choose an anal stimulant?

Before buying an anal toy you need to figure out what it is for. The purpose of the bushings and stimulators is different. You can take a universal toy of medium size or a set in which different shapes and sizes will be presented.

When the goal is clear, you need to decide on the magnitude. For beginners, diameter up to 3 cm, for advanced – you can and more. Additional functions, for example, vibration – this is a plus. But the first purchase is not always worth overpaying. There is a possibility that the use of toys will not be pleasant at all, and then money will be wasted. The price of anal toys with vibration is 30-100% higher than the models without movement.

When buying, it is important to choose a material that is easy to clean. Someone buys soft stimulants, someone is tough. To start choosing is a more flexible model.

How to make sex toys use much more comfortable?

There are people who refuse to caress the anus because of the excitement about the smell or secretion. They are sure that it can be unpleasant for a partner that such caresses are unnatural. But to eliminate such reasons for excitement is very simple. Proper hygiene helps to get around all obstacles. Firstly, anal sex should only happen at will. Coercion is completely irrelevant. And each person, according to his own feelings, can understand whether he is ready for such experiments today.

Secondly, before anal caresses with toys or without them you need to empty the intestine. Of course, it is not necessarily half an hour before the process, but at least 5-6 hours. Then there will be no unpleasant sensations and fear that something will suddenly come out from within.

Before anal sex, you should take a shower. It will eliminate all smells, help to relax. If you think that this is not enough, you can do a cleansing enema. By the way, special pears for this procedure are also referred to anal toys. And some people wash the bowels as a fascinating sex game.

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